What Are Whiskey Stones?

What Are Whiskey Stones?A Sexy Cocktail

Whiskey Stones are a sexy replacement for ice and help create the perfect cocktail. Many bars carry them and show them off to their customers as a novelty even though many patrons do not have a clue what they are used for. See, whiskey stones will keep your whiskey, or any other beverage, ice cold and won't dilute your cocktail since they do not melt. Whiskey stones add a flair of sophistication to your drink that many will notice, and few will ignore. You might not gain the status of the "Dos Equis Man", however, your drink will look impressive.

Place them in a freezer for an hour to chill, take them out and drop them in your glass, and pour your liquor. Pretty simple operation with ice cold results. Your sexy cocktail will remain pure and undiluted from the first drop to its last - this is the most important reason why whiskey stones are preferred over ice. Nobody wants to spoil their expensive liquor by diluting it with melting ice.

A Conversation Ice Breaker

Your hosting a party walking around with your favorite vodka on whiskey stones, and you bump into a guest. Probably the first thing out of their mouth will be, "What are those rocks in your drink?" This will begin your long dissertation about their origin, purpose, and why you prefer them over standard ice cubes. Now, you have their interest and you can move onto other worldly topics or just offer them a whiskey stone sampler. Most will give it try because it's different and cool looking. Whiskey stones could make you the "talk of the party". Be it a bar scene, restaurant, or family get together, your distinct whiskey stones will cause quite a stir. 

An Ice Substitute

As an ice substitute, whiskey stones come in primarily two forms - natural soapstone or stainless steel. Both will keep your cocktail cold and bold. Soapstone whiskey rocks are all natural, FDA approved, and are the most common. Steel whiskey stones are just as safe, stay cold longer, and just look cool in your drink. I prefer the steel whiskey stones since they never breakdown and they take less time to chill. Soapstone tends to breakdown over time, especially if you use them in different types of liquor.

Both types of whiskey stones do not have a flavor or odor. Typically you only need four or five in your drink to keep it cold and that is why they are sold in packages of at least nine. When your done drinking, take them out, wash and dry them, and place them back in the freezer for next time.

What are Whiskey Stones? - They are COOL, a conversation starter and an all-round ice cube substitute that will keep your drink PURE!