Tea Lights LED Submersible Teal 10pc

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Tea Lights LED Submersible Teal 10pc

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This set of 10 TEAL submersible LED tea lights is the perfect lighting for any special occasion or event such as parties, events and especially for Weddings!! Because these tea lights are waterproof, throw them in your party ice tub for a festive glow! Fill the bottom of a vase or mason jars with these little glowing delights! They will sparkle and shimmer and create a beautiful table centerpiece! These lights come with batteries inside and are fully submersible in water. These tea lights are safe, waterproof and oh so FUN!

  • Submersible Bright Light for Wedding Arrangements, Center Pieces, Fish Tanks and much more.
  • Replaceable Batteries - There are 2 per light CR2032 (initial 2 batteries included)
  • Typically lasts 30-40 hours (your results may vary)
  • Approximately 1" tall and 1.25" wide
  • Available in 10 colors - White, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Teal, and Multi-color
Appearance of submersible tea light in the off positionImportant Use Instructions:  Untwist the top portion of the light and remove the round plastic disc this is on top of the first battery.  Next, tighten the two halves together to turn light on before putting in water.  To turn light off untighten the two halves until the light goes out.  Full instructions are printed on the package.

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