Square Shade Sail Hardware Installation Kit

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Square Shade Sail Hardware Installation Kit Bundle Pack

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(2) TWO Complete Square Hardware Kit Bundle Pack

Each kit includes (4)- Pad Eyes, (2) Turn Buckles and (2) Carabiners.


This is the hardware required to install a square shade sail to any structure, tree or pole.  Having the proper hardware makes installation so much easier compared to piecing together your own equipment.  SAVE money by purchasing a pre-made set from us, SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY by purchasing this bundle set from us! We challenge you to call your local hardware store and check the prices, you will be impressed with the value we are offering you!

  • Made from High Quality 316 Stainless Steel (marine grade stainless steel)
  • Everything you need to hang a square shade sail
  • Makes installation much easier than do it yourself solutions.

Set Includes

  • (8) - 316 Stainless Steel Pad Eyes
  • (4) - 316 Stainless Steel Turn Buckles
  • (4) - 316 Stainless Steel Carabiners
      Product Information-

turnbuckle-stretching screw or bottlescrew is a device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning system

carabiner-or karabiner is a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components.

padeye- is a device often found on boats that a line runs through, or provides an attachment point. It is a kind of fairlead and often is bolted or welded to the deck or hull of a boat.


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