San Diego Shade Sails - Backyard Oasis

San Diego Shade SailsSan Diego Shade Sails can turn your San Diego backyard patio area into an oasis of comfort and relaxation. Most San Diego outdoor living areas need protection from the sun and shade sails provide a unique, cost effective way of providing a cool and relaxing atmosphere for beating the heat in San Diego. Let your imagination run wild using the various shade sail shapes and sizes, and design that perfect outdoor living area.

Shade sails come in three shapes – square, rectangle, and triangle. These different shapes can be combined to cover and enhance any patio or backyard living area. Shade sail sizes vary from 12 x 12 to as big as 16.5 x 16.5, and come in all types of colors. San Diego shade sails are made of a commercial grade breathable mesh or a waterproof polyester fabric, adding another useful dimension over normal mesh shade sails. The strong waterproof polyester fabric has 90% UV blocks and will keep things dry underneath as weather changes. Shade sails are easily cleaned with soap and water and are designed to last for years and are naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

Shade Sail Considerations

Before purchasing a San Diego shade sails it is very important to select and measure your shade sail installation areas while thinking about the design you are trying to accomplish while carefully selecting what structures will provide the shade sail anchor points. If there are no existing structures for installation, consider using steel poles or wooden posts for anchoring. Posts should be set in concrete footings of at least 30” deep and a foot wide. Also, pay attention to the sun’s travel from sunrise to sunset – this is critical in positioning your sun shade sails to provide maximum shade and comfort throughout the day.

Next, consider what shade sail shapes, sizes and colors you will need to purchase to create your extraordinary outdoor oasis. Combining square shade sails and triangle shade sails will give your San Diego outdoor oasis an artistic flair. Also, it is wise to use the manufacturer’s shade sail installation hardware for securing the sail to your structures or poles. Square shade sails use different installation hardware than triangle shade sails so buy both if you are mixing your shade sails.

A Sun Shade sail installation is a great DIY summertime project that requires little skill and minimal tools. Pretty straightforward once you figure out your shade area and how the sun moves across it. Attach your San Diego shade sails to the eves on your house, an existing overhang, an attached patio, or poles. Just make sure your anchor points are solid and secure. The manufacturer’s shade sail installation kit will make the job easier and provide a ratcheting system to adjust the sail’s tension and desired effect.

Step back, breathe deep and look at what a fantastic outdoor oasis you have created inexpensively with San Diego shade sails. Aside from the protection and shade created, you now have a modern and sophisticated "art deco" San Diego outdoor living area to relax and share with family and friends.

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