PKCell 4000mAh Power Bank

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PKCell 4000mAh Power Bank Portable External Emergency Battery Backup Recharge for Cell Phones, Tablets, and other Devices

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PKCell 4000mAh USB Power Bank ~ Portable Cell Phone Charger

Charge your cell phone or device while on the GO!  No more dead batteries at school, work, or play. Don't be out of contact and unprepared for an emergency with a dead battery ever again!

The PKCell 4000mAh USB Power Bank ~ Portable Cell Phone Charger provides a convenient and portable means of recharging your cell phone, Bluetooth headset, MP3 player, iPhone, iPod, e-reader, and most other USB rechargeable devices. This Portable charger is compatible with all digital devices that are charged using a USB cable/cord.

Unlike lower capacity power banks, at 4000mAh, the PKCell Model PK-9408 USB Power Bank has the capacity to fully charge any cell phone or device with battery capacity up to 4000mAh.  As cell phones and other devices have become increasingly sophisticated their power demands have increased.  A 1500-2000mAh power bank won’t do much good with these current cell phones and devices (battery capacity in parenthesis):

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus (2915 mAh)
  • Blackberry Leap (2800 mAh)
  • HTC One M9 (2840 mAh)
  • HTC One ME (2840 mAh)
  • LG G4 (3000 mAh)
  • Samsung Galaxy 6 (2550 mAh)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (3000 mAh)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (3220 mAh)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (3000 mAh)
  • Sony Xperia Z4v (3000 mAh)

Key Features:

  • Sleek, Thin Design
  • Capacity:  4000mAh
  • Input:  DC 5 volt, 1000mA
  • Output:  DC 5 volt, 2100mA
  • 4 LED charging / fully charged indicator lights ~ All 4 LEDs are lit when Fully Charged.
  • Includes USB to Micro USB 5-pin cable for charging Power Bank (may also be used to charge cell phones/devices with Micro USB charging ports)
  • Built-in rechargeable 4000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Simple and easy to use.  Just plug your device in and charge.
  • Dimensions:  4.875” by 2.25” by .625”.  Fits comfortably in shirt or pants pocket, and handbags.  Weight:  approximately 4.8 ounces.
  • Front has Glossy black finish with attractive gray flourish design (front of Power Bank is protected during shipment with a plastic film.  Remove film to expose high gloss finish).  Back is matte gray.

Purchase includes:

  • One (1) 4000mAh Power Bank
  • One (1) 20 inch USB to Micro USB 5-pin cable
  • (Cell phone not included)

Fully charge the Power Bank before first use.  Charge the Power Bank by connecting to a powered* computer USB port with supplied cable, or your USB compatible DC 5 volt AC wall adapter (recommended; AC wall adapter not included).  *If using a USB splitter, it must be a powered splitter or it will not charge the power bank.  Because of the 4000mAh capacity of the PKCell Model PK-9408 USB Power Bank, charging using a USB compatible DC 5 volt AC wall adapter is highly recommended.  Charging time using a computer USB port will take a very long time.

To charge your cell phone or device from the charged Power Bank, simply plug the USB cable that was supplied with your cell phone into the Power Bank Output port, and the other end of the cable into your device.  No cable specific to your device is included, although most Android cell phones use the same Micro USB 5-pin connection for charging.

It is recommended that you charge your phone battery before it is fully discharged.  When you use a battery operated charger to restart your phone, it takes a lot of energy to re-boot the phone battery.  We recommend charging your phone before the battery dies for optimum results and longevity with your PKCell 4000mAh USB Power Bank ~ Portable Cell Phone Charger.

Important Note:  Before charging cell phones or other devices you should check the input voltage and current to insure compatibility with the output from the PKCell Model PK-9408 4000mAh USB Power Bank (i.e., DC 5 volt, 2100mA).  Using this power bank with an incompatible cell phone or other device may cause damage to your device, and /or to the power bank.


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