51 LED Ultra Violet UV Black Light Flashlight

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51 LED UV Black Light Flashlight

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BlueDot Trading LED Ultra Violet UV Black Light Flashlight

Our 51 LED UV Black Light Flashlight covers a large area without loss of UV light intensity.  We have a few example pictures using OUR actual 51 LED UV Flashlight.  One of the listing pictures (taken with a cell phone and not edited) features an actual LICE EGG on a strand of hair being made flourescent by our actual UV Flashlight. The other one is of a Scorpion we found in our warehouse.  We showed a sequence of photos using the scorpion.  1. Scorpion with no UV light. 2. Scorpion with our UV light during daylight 3. Scorpion being illuminated with our UV light in the dark.  AMAZING!

Common Uses:

    • Detecting Head and Body Lice Eggs (Nits and Eggs reflect ultraviolet light)
    • Hunting scorpions and other insects
    • Detecting Bed Bugs
    • Fluoresces Gems, Minerals and Fossils
    • Use with UV Automotive Dye to detect Automotive coolant A/C Freon Refrigerant Gas Fluids Leaks (AS SEEN IN PICTURE IN LISTING)
    • FIND PET STAINS , Dog or Cat Pee
    • FIND BLOOD Stains
    • Rave Parties
    • Detecting bodily fluids, which fluoresce when exposed to UV light
    • Checking for counterfeit paper money bills
    • Detect Counterfeit Stamps and Tagging
    • Night time Fishermen- Glow in the Dark Bait (UV light charges Glow)
    • Inspect Vaseline, EAPG, Depression, Uranium, Topaz & Canary Glass
    • Rodent Detection-Find MOUSE or RAT DROPPINGS and URINE
    • Test for True Vaseline Glass buttons
    • Finding food and pet stains on carpeting and other surfaces
    • Curing UV Glue
    • Inspecting glass for cracks and other defects
    • Searching for minerals outdoors (Illuminates Fluorescent Minerals)


  • Light in the 390 to 395 nanometer wavelength
  • 100,000 hour bulb life
  • Aluminum construction, with knurled grip
  • “O” rings for water resistance (not submersible)
  • Click on and off switch
  • Rugged and durable – shock resistant
  • Operates on 3 AA batteries (not included)

-Did you know that UV light will illuminate LICE EGGS and NITS! Stop Lice infestations by using our UV flashlight to make the lice eggs glow so that you don't miss any on your childs head!

-North Dakota Dept of Health- "Nits reflect ultraviolet light"

-Virginia Dept of Education- "UV lights (aka “black lights”) may be helpful because the light fluoresces the nits – they appear as bright white specks. "

-Michigan Dept of Community Health- " Nits reflect ultraviolet light. Use a strong flashlight (UV recommended)."


Use of UV protective glasses is strongly recommended.  Never shine light into any person’s eyes.








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