18650 30 Amp Rechargeable Battery 5 Pack

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18650 30 Amp Rechargeable Battery 5 Pack

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High Drain 3.7v ICR18650 30 Amp Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Manufacturer:  PKCELL                   

Model:  ICR18650

Nominal Voltage:  3.7v

Capacity:  1600mAh

Maximum Discharge Current:  30 Amp.

Number of Batteries:  5

These PKCELL high drain batteries feature a remarkable 1600mAh with a 30 Amp discharge current. Their lower internal resistance yields higher continuous voltage under load, making them optimal for high drain devices.  They are ideal for high power tools, Mods, Flashlight Mods, and other devices with high power draws.

We bench tested our PKCELL ICR18650 against similar cells made by Sony, MNKE, and EFEST.  As shown in the data detail below, the performance of the PKCELL battery was Superior to all others!

Multiple Discharge Profile test results:


  • Starting Voltage:  4.28v
  • Ending Voltage:  4.08v
  • Tested Capacity:  0.172 Ah


  • Starting Voltage:  4.24v
  • Ending Voltage:  3.99v
  • Tested Capacity:  0.173 Ah


  • Starting Voltage:  4.22v
  • Ending Voltage:  3.63v
  • Tested Capacity:  0.176 Ah


  • Starting Voltage:  4.14v
  • Ending Voltage:  3.91v
  • Tested Capacity:  0.170 Ah

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