RC Helicopters

Flying a RC Helicopter is the hottest growing hobby that both young and old can enjoy. Flying remote controlled helicopters is not just child's play anymore - it is a legit hobby and as the rc helicopters become more sophisticated, more powerful, faster and loaded with features, i.e. cameras; their demand is soaring. Fly them inside or out and become the pilot you have always dreamed about without ever leaving the ground. RC helicopters make the perfect gift and are relatively inexpensive when comparing them to other electronic toys.

Our most popular is the 4 Channel RC Mini Gyro Helicopter that is perfect for all ages. It can be flown indoors and outdoors while hovering easily because of the built in gyro to keep it stabilized. Our biggest and most powerful rc helicopter is the 18.5 inch 3.5 channel gyro copter. Because of its size and speed, this helicopter is meant to be flown outdoors and requires more experience. All of our helicopters come equipped with infrared controllers, spare parts, and instructions. AA Batteries for controllers are not supplied - CLICK HERE to order batteries.

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